Crawl, Walk, Run: Pandemic Recovery Strategy in the Events Space


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In 2020, you were doing $100 million in revenue with 250 employees. But then, your revenue dropped to $20 million, and you could only keep 38 employees (most at 25% of their salaries). Right after an acquisition, too.

Just a year later, you’ve recovered to $45 million (that’s 250% bounce back), and many of your employees have returned.

This is the experience of today’s guest, Ray Pekowski, Owner at The Expo Group, a 30-year-old company that’s chosen to act like a startup to recover its growth.

In this episode we discuss:

- Digitization, outsourcing, tax credits, and other resources and strategies that saved the business

- How thinking like a startup has shaped the recovery plan

- The importance of culture, hiring, and servant leadership

- Stock appreciation rights (SARs)/phantom stock

Check out these resources we mentioned during the podcast:

- Ray’s book is Lessons of an Entrepreneur

- The Expo Group also shares a ton of resources

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