Mission First, Profit Second w/ Matthew Polega


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I'm joined by Matthew Polega: Cofounder, Head of Communications & Public Policy at Mark43, a company bringing cloud-first data-driven technology to public safety use.

Matt and I discussed:

- His experience in Engineering Science

- Lateral thinking in public safety models

- Public safety technology

- Using customer voices to further develop a business

- Software multi-tenancy

- Investor relations at Mark43

- The significance of making certain mistakes

- Culture by design (how they use core values)

- Unit economics

- Spending money to make money

- That you can’t ‘save’ your way to profits

- Investing in people

We mentioned these resources, which you can check out at any time:

- Matthew Polega’s LinkedIn profile

- Mark43’s website

- GrowthForce’s website

- Matthew Polega on Twitter

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