Preparing Your Business for Exit Planning: Factors to consider & why they matter.


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It’s hard to think about selling your business in the middle of a pandemic.

But it’s a very real possibility.

Business owners need to start thinking now about their exit strategy, whether they plan to exit or not, and increasing their business value to prepare for what may come in 2021.

In this episode of Path To Profit, Stephen King talks with Brett Dearing, Founder of Business Owners Exchange (BXO) and Head of Business Owner Advisory at Cerity Partners, about his experience working with business owners on growth and succession planning.

Brett talks about his experience developing and executing action plans for transferring business. He also talks about:

- How to assess your profitability impact and prioritize risks and opportunity.

- How to establish a platform for growth before you sell your business.

- The three legs of the ‘business preparedness for exit’ stool.

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