Increasing profitability through unique value: a lesson in differentiation from YouAppi’s CEO


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Moshe Vaknin increases the profitability of his clients by helping them get the most valuable users for their apps.

By narrowing down his service to its unique selling proposition and concentrating the focus of employee’s energy around a single simple unifying effort — in this case, customer retargeting — he’s made his own unique path to profit.

In this episode of Path To Profit, Stephen King talks with Moshe Vaknin, Founder & CEO at YouAppi, about the decisions he made in his business that helped him increase profitability and growth.

Moshe also explains:

- How YouAppi’s services help brands grow their business.

- What drives growth for YouAppi’s profitability.

- What remarketing is and the role AI plays in retargeting.

- How to narrow focus to differentiate your product.

- The value of a returning customer.

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