3 Ways Businesses Get Ripped Off By Dishonest Employees


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Small businesses and nonprofits are more vulnerable to fraud than larger organizations, and the effects can be far more damaging.

Considering potential losses, small-business owners need to make the prevention of fraud a priority in their businesses.

Mitigating fraud starts with being able to prevent and identify it in your company. In this episode of Path to Profit, host Stephen King, CEO of Growthforce, shares real stories of internal fraud and what to do in preventing it.

Specifically, he covers:

- An example of bill payment fraud from a nonprofit that outsourced its CFO.

- Common forms of expense reimbursement fraud.

- A story of an ingenious bookkeeper that committed payroll fraud.

No system of internal controls will eliminate all fraud, but GrowthForce has some tips to help you minimize that risk. Visit our website and sign up for our webinar, where we’ll show you what you can do to reduce your risk of fraud.

Detecting, Preventing and Reducing Fraud in Your Business Webinar Sign Up! >>> http://bit.ly/P2P_Fraud

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